Feeling good about feeling bad about Aylan Kurdi

aylan kurdi (cropped)

Everyone has been talking about the photos of Aylan Kurdi, and I have been wondering why that might be.  Considering the experience of looking at the photos, I suggest that these very difficult images actually make emotional and intellectual work of spectatorship relatively easy.  So I published this piece in Antenna: Responses to Media and Culture to think this through.


I exist! On the internet!

This, apparently, is a thing people do.  And because I remain a conscientious objector to institutionalized forms of social media, I had to get a little more DIY.  So I sprung for a domain name, and here we are.

Minimally, it seemed like this would be a good way to distinguish me from all the other Rebecca Adelmans who also exist on the internet, and maybe also give me an online professional inametagsdentity other than the one constructed for me on RateMyProfessors.com (I thought about linking to that, and then thought again — if you want it, you have to look for it.)

Beyond these rather pedestrian functions, I also wanted it to be an electronic place for my work to emerge, and to live.  And ultimately, I hope it will become a space where I can experiment with new ideas, let them take shape more publicly, and that others might find those ideas interesting enough to respond with their own.

And if, eventually, this site appears higher in the search results than RateMyProfessors, that would be pretty much ideal.