Some of my ventures into the public sphere are lost in the ether, but the rest of them are here.

pepperDecember 1, 2016
“How Science Is Pictured in the Media and Public Culture”
[A Reading the Pictures / Seeing Science Salon]



February 19, 2016fence
“DoD Detainee Photos Raise Disturbing Questions
About Transparency”
[Blog post for The Conversation]


1ab98019a68f59d77f08f8ba519c8705October 21, 2015
“The Myth of the Predator”
[Quoted in story]


aylan kurdi (cropped)


September 22, 2015
“Feeling Good About Feeling Bad About Aylan Kurdi”
[Blog post for Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture]



June 22, 2015
“Flip the Script: Is it Fair to Call Them Shark ‘Attacks’?” [Quoted in story]




May 18, 2015
“What the Accidental Drone Killing of an American ‘Traitor’ Says About the Power of Visual Weapons”
[Blog post for The Conversation]


brian williams

February 18, 2015
“Brian Williams, the Military, and American Culture”
[Blog post for The Conversation]


Image of Book (Rebecca A. Adelman)

November 2014
About Beyond the Checkpoint 
[Interview on UMBC’s In the Loop]


cnn toy plane

May 12, 2014
Only Marginally More Unreal: Reconsidering CNN’s Coverage of Malaysia Airlines 370”
[Blog post for Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture]


dear free world

January 2, 2014
“Atypical Images of War”
[Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun]


best of jeep

February 21, 2013
“Half the Battle?  Envisioning Citizenship in ‘Whole Again’”                              
[Blog post for Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture]


LA times

April 26, 2012
“Choosing to Photograph, Choosing to Publish, Choosing to Look”
[Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun]


age progressed

May 9, 2011
“Bin Laden’s Image”
[Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun]