Some of my ventures into the public sphere are lost in the ether, but the rest of them are here.

flowersApril 23, 2018
“With Media Fixated on Terror, a Good Time to Look Again at Everyday Middle East”
Co-authored with Wendy Kozol
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]


UntitledJanuary 18, 2018
“The Delicate Balance of Style – Photos from South Sudan”
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]




October 11, 2017
“On that Rohingya Woman in a Basket”
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]



reynoldsJuly 5, 2017
“Importance of Seeing the Trauma: The Video of Diamond Reynolds and Her Daughter
In the Back of a Police Car”
Co-authored with Wendy Kozol
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]



June 21, 2017
“The Mind of Skinheads: What the Racist Is Expected to Look Like”
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]




April 22, 2017
“On the Stunning Tefillin Photo and the Marks that Remain”  
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]




April 4, 2017                                                                          “Photography’s Limits in the Age of Trump’s EPA”                          [Blog post for Reading the Pictures]




March 22, 2017
“Airports and the New Politics of National Belonging in the Age of the Travel Ban”
[Blog post for University of Massachusetts Press]


tiny trump

March 6, 2017
“Tiny Trumps Don’t Shrink the Sexual Power Trip”
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]




February 15, 2017
“Overshadowed by his Image: Afterlives of Omran Daqneesh”
[Blog post for Reading the Pictures]





December 1, 2016
“How Science Is Pictured in the Media and Public Culture”
[A Reading the Pictures / Seeing Science Salon]





February 19, 2016
“DoD Detainee Photos Raise Disturbing Questions
About Transparency”
[Blog post for The Conversation]



October 21, 2015
“The Myth of the Predator”
[Quoted in story]



aylan kurdi (cropped)

September 22, 2015
“Feeling Good About Feeling Bad About Aylan Kurdi”
[Blog post for Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture]




June 22, 2015
“Flip the Script: Is it Fair to Call Them Shark ‘Attacks’?” [Quoted in story]




May 18, 2015
“What the Accidental Drone Killing of an American ‘Traitor’ Says About the Power of Visual Weapons”
[Blog post for The Conversation]



brian williams

February 18, 2015
“Brian Williams, the Military, and American Culture”
[Blog post for The Conversation]



Image of Book (Rebecca A. Adelman)

November 2014
About Beyond the Checkpoint 
[Interview on UMBC’s In the Loop]




cnn toy plane

May 12, 2014
Only Marginally More Unreal: Reconsidering CNN’s Coverage of Malaysia Airlines 370”
[Blog post for Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture]


dear free world

January 2, 2014
“Atypical Images of War”
[Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun]


best of jeep

February 21, 2013
“Half the Battle?  Envisioning Citizenship in ‘Whole Again’”                             
[Blog post for Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture]



LA times

April 26, 2012
“Choosing to Photograph, Choosing to Publish, Choosing to Look”
[Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun]



age progressed

May 9, 2011
“Bin Laden’s Image”
[Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun]