Don’t tell my other publications …

… but this might be my favorite article that I’ve ever written.

I’m still astonished that the editors saw fit to include my piece in a special issue of Cultural Studies on “The Cultural Politics of COVID-19,” which is full of work by amazing scholars.

You can find my article, “Enduring COVID-19, Nevertheless” here.

And the whole issue is open-access and free to download until June 30th (thanks, Routledge).

Remote Warfare – a new co-edited collection!

It exists! This collection has its origins in a long-ago conference hallway, when the inimitable Dave Kieran and I realized that we wanted to organize a different kind of conversation about remote warfare. We wanted to broaden the scope beyond drones and shift the inquiry beyond the usual intractable debates about the morality and efficacy of violence meted out from a distance. I think we did it.

I’m so grateful to Dave for his spirited co-editorship, and to the contributors for their patience, creativity, and intellectual generosity.

“The Limits of Recognition”

Today, when collecting my work mail for the first time in months, I found a copy of the most recent issue of American Studies, where I published an article called “The Limits of Recognition: Rethinking Conventional Critiques of Drone Warfare.” Thanks to the editors and the two anonymous readers for their thoughtful engagement with my ideas and all the nudges in the direction of making them better.