smog, particulates, i know, i know …

IMG_0978 (1)

Another run, another sunrise encounter with someone watching Baltimore, lovingly.  Becky and I stopped to watch the sun come up behind the Domino plant, and a young man pedaled his bike to a stop at the same spot, and took out his actual camera.  He’d just moved to Baltimore, he said, and was riding around, taking pictures of the city to “show how beautiful it is.”

Especially at sunrise.  It took me a long time to love Baltimore (now I do, for sure), and nothing helped more than the sunrises.  Smog, particulates, I know, I know … and then there is the tremendous cliche of it all.  But still.  The sunrises are beautiful because of the light and the colors and everything reflected, but there’s also the effortlessness of it.  No one trying to promote Baltimore’s brand, no one enticing people to relocate to here, no one promising to fix it.  Just Baltimore being Baltimore, the water and the concrete and the remnants of industry: radiant.